An academy of cyber security was established at NKE, writes

They established an academy of cyber security at the National University of Public Services (NKE) in Budapest.

Csaba Krasznay emphasized during the academy’s opening ceremony on Monday: there are news turning about hacker attacks on a daily basis, and this shows the importance of cyber security. One of the most recent news was about Russian hackers who infiltrated the computer system of the Danish Ministry of Defense.

We must start more discussions about cyber security

Csaba Krasznay states that the more and deeper conversation we have about cyber security the better, and this requires an academical, scientific background. The professional pointed out that the lack of IT and cyber security knowledge and experts means a huge problem in both Europe and Hungary. The recently established cyber security academy has the task to synchronize the already existing sources of each faculty, research facility and workshop of NKE, and to support the cyber security researches and experts.

They initiate training programs and cyber security practices for this purpose. They would like to improve IT infrastructure and establish a special laboratory for it. “The aim of the academy is to serve as a catalizator in the field of public service, police and defense,” Csaba Krasznay said.

A significant past in cyber security training

The program manager of the academy reminded us that four faculties of NKE already have a significant past in education related to cyber security. On the faculties of political science and administration students have been trained for years to use IT safely. International and European studies mainly deal with the international law aspect of cyber security.

On the faculties of military science and defense, cyber warfare and the defense of military IT systems play a vital role, while in police science the question of cyber crimes and online crime prevention has a critical importance during the training. The university was expanded with a water science faculty this year. Csaba Krasznay told that cyber defense has a constantly increasing importance in water management education as well, because water management – which is part of the critical infrastructure – operates frequently with the help of an IT background.

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