Toulouse, 26.06.2016., photo: MTI

Hungary’s players were understandably disappointed with how the game against Belgium ended but remain immensely proud of what the team achieved at Euro 2016.

Zoltán Gera: “we began the match naively; we were too open and weren’t able to prevent the Belgians’ dangerous counter attacks. Belgium were much better; we were lucky to be only one goal down at half time. The team played better in the second half but we had to take risks, this is what I’d attribute the large goal difference to. The Belgians have amazing players. We are sad but overall we have no reason to be ashamed”.

Gergő Lovrencsics: “We’re naturally disappointed as we came to Toulouse to win. We unfortunately let in an early goal albeit we’d practised facing set pieces. The Belgians were incredibly fast; they were dangerous on the counter attack and towards the end we also tired a little. We had chances and the game could have gone the same way as the Portugal one but unfortunately we just couldn’t score. I’m sorry about how it ended but I’d like to thank the supporters because they were fantastic at the European Championship. I believe the team can build on this”.

Richárd Guzmics: “The Belgians have some great players. Unfortunately they scored an early goal and could then play on the counter, which they are very good at. Their wingers were very fast and direct; it was exceedingly difficult to defend against them. We tried to play our own game, the same game that brought us success in the previous matches, but on this occasion we weren’t as successful. We tried to go for it in the second half; we had no other choice. We brought on two extra forwards and switched to three at the back, we had chances but in the end we paid the price for our risky strategy”.

Roland Juhász: “The Belgians scored early on and after that we had to try and put them under pressure. The game became very even in the second half; we had chances, but had to throw caution to the wind. Unfortunately it didn’t pay off for us. We couldn’t convert our chances, they did. We didn’t have luck on our side and we tired at the end. Despite going out I am proud of the team and would like to give special thanks to the supporters who created a fantastic atmosphere in the stadium, and who despite our defeat gave us a standing ovation”.

Photo: MTI


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