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Pyramids are truly spectacular and miraculous buildings that can be observed best in Egypt. But if you would like to see these wonders you do not necessarily have to get on a plane and travel to another continent. All you need to do is get in your car and drive to Iszkaszentgyörgy (Fejér County) where Hungary’s only stone pyramid is located.

Sokszínűvidék collected all the important details and historical facts you need to know about this rare Hungarian sight.

On the outskirts of the Hungarian town called Iskaszentgyörgy, in a quiet and peaceful environment, we have to take a short walk up on the Piramita-mountain where we can find Count Siegfried Pappenheim’s (Austrian nobleman) 10 meters high pyramid.

pyramid, stone, Hungary, sight, building

According to the legend, the pyramid commemorates one of the count’s closest friends who fell in love with a maid. Their love affair was disapproved by the family and because of that the man took his life with his own hands. The pyramid was built on the location where he committed suicide.

The original pyramid stood there until 1960 but, because of its poor condition, it had to be renovated. From 2014 the replica of the original pyramid can be seen. Not only the pyramid but the view from the top of the mountain is also breathtaking.

If you are taking a walk in Iszkaszentgyörgy to observe the pyramid, do not miss the unique Amade-Bajzáth-Pappenheim Castle nearby. Built in 1735, this is Fejér County’s most extraordinary building which was the favourite place of the Pappenheim family for years. The family owned the castle until World War II when it was rebuilt into a hospital. It also served as a hotel and holiday home during the past years.

The renovation of the castle started in 1985. Currently the Finnish knight Ari Santeri Kuspus rents the castle but some parts of it is used by the local school.

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