Lake Velence

A drone video shows the poor condition of Hungary’s third-largest natural lake. Water has completely disappeared from part of the highly protected area. This is also ominous news because it is an important nesting area for many waterfowl.

The Gárdonyi Közlöny presented a video that illustrates the scale of the problem in certain parts of Lake Velence. According to the recordings, the water in the area of the bird sanctuary in the southwestern part of the lake disappeared completely.

“Lake Velence has lost 44 per cent of its water in the last two years.

Due to water scarcity, the nature reserve in the south-western part of the lake, the Lake Velence bird sanctuary, has almost completely dried up,” writes Gárdony Közlöny.

This area is an important nesting area for waterfowl.

In the list of wild waters of international importance, the 420-hectare area of Lake Velence was declared highly protected in 1958. This area is home to the great egret, the Eurasian spoonbill, the great crested grebe, the little grebe and the summer goose, among others. This area is not only important for birds. The original bog flora of the reserve is also significant from a nature conservation point of view.

The uniqueness of the place is proved by the presence of the spleen orchid species called the onion shell, which is rare in Europe, writes On the website of the Danube-Ipoly National Park, you can read what the main task would be to protect the lake and the area.

The main conservation task is to regulate the water level of Lake Velence.

Lake Velence has been in the spotlight several times this summer. Due to the high heat and low rainfall, very low water levels were measured at Lake Velence. At the beginning of the summer, its water level was 39 centimetres below the minimum control level. The consequence of this is the decrease of the oxygen level in the water and the significant destruction of the fish stock, writes

Locals are trying to fix the problem both individually and at the organisational level. Volunteers helped the Hungarian National Fishermen’s Association to clean up the dead fish. Civilians also collected several bags of garbage and dead fish separately. The Volunteer Firefighters of the City of Venice pumped water into the lake to help supply fish with oxygen. Animal Welfare came up with an interesting idea. Jet ski owners are asked to stir the stagnant water using the vehicle.


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