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It was two and a half months ago that fuel prices last fell in Hungary, since then petrol and diesel have also become significantly more expensive. On November 6, the average price of petrol was HUF 348 (~EUR 0,97), that of diesel was HUF 363 (~EUR 1,02), compared to the current average of HUF 386 (~EUR 1,08) and HUF 401 (~EUR 1,12).

According to, after the rise in Brent oil prices earlier this year, the price of oil per barrel hovered around the $55 level this week, and the inauguration of the new US president did not have a significant impact on the price. It might be the result of this that the dollar weakened somewhat in the market, the rate of weakening was 2 percent against the forint: one dollar is currently around 293 forints.

Due to this, experts do not expect a drop in fuel prices, neither do they see a chance of another increase next week.

However, due to changes in other factors, they predict that the retail price of petrol will change. after the finalization of the minimum wage agreement (there is no agreement yet, if an agreement is reached, it will apply to the minimum wage for February at the earliest).

If it rises, petrol stations will probably include the difference in the selling price of petrol and diesel.

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