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Budapest, Hungary. Photo: MTI

Hungary is located in central Europe, and the capital is Budapest. It shares a border with Austria, Slovakia, Ukraine, Slovenia. One of the critical factors in the reputation of Hungary is its hospitality to visitors. Also, you can discover an ideal mix of history and modern times in Hungary. Hungarians proudly cling to their ancient Magyar tradition while at the same time, keeping themselves updated with the latest trends around the world.

The city can sometimes be a mix of culture and exceptional beauty, making it the perfect place to visit. Hungary occupies a strategic position between the mainland routes between Western Europe and the Balkan Peninsula. Hungary is also an oasis for writers, musicians, and artists who had been heavily influenced by this graceful city. Below you will find interesting facts about Hungarians from their language to some of them wearing colored contacts to alter their eye color:

Population and languages

The Hungarian community is about 10 million people, and the official language is Hungarian. It is mentioned that the Hungarian language is most difficult to learn, which could be the case, particularly in Europe, as no other style is similar to this language. The main reason why Hungary language is different is that it comes from the steppe of Central Asia and the ancestors who founded Hungary as a country.

The eye colors of people in Hungary 

 Genetically and optically, one cannot clearly differentiate the eye colors of people in Hungary because Hungary has a mixed population, and with the eye colors of no significant difference. Even by photography, it is hard to get a general consensus as some wear colored contact lenses. The average eye color of the Hungarian may be challenging to determine because Hungary is a very ethnically diverse nation. Hungary is located in Central Europe and the last millennium has experienced a fair share of migration and the blending of different countries and ethnic groups.

Almost all European phenotypes are found in Hungary. The average Hungarian eye color can vary between blue and brown color which is visible. Some Hungarians wear colored contact lenses to change their eye color.

Local customs

Like every other country, Hungary has its traditions. For example, it is customary to make toast and return it. It is customary to provide gifts to the host of a meal. Also, note that smoking is also restricted and banned in most public areas. However, travelers can smoke on long-distance trains. Casual clothing is acceptable in most places and formal for promotions. Tips between 10 and 15% are common for all services, including restaurants, bars, nightclubs, taxis, etc.

It is rude to toast with your beer glasses

History explains in detail that during the defeat of the Hungarian Revolution of 1848 against the Habsburgs, about 13 Hungarian generals were executed, and the Austrians who defeated them toast their beer glasses after each execution. After the war, the Hungarians vowed not to toast with beer glasses. It is more than 150 years since the incidence, but it is still a custom.

The first foreign fast-food restaurant was McDonald’s

Just before the collapse of communism in 1989, Mcdonald’s established itself as the first foreign fast-food restaurant in the country. However, it was not the country’s first fast-food restaurant. This is because there was also a local fast food chain called City Grill and another called Paprika.

Hungary is among one of the oldest countries in Europe

Hungary was founded in 1000, which means that it is older than countries like France and Germany.

There are cowboys known as “csikós” in Hungary

The Hungarians traveled on horseback to Europe and even today cowboys can be seen in the plains of Puszta.

You cannot name your child if it has not been approved by the government

You can name your child with a list of pre-approved names by the government, but note that if you want to give a name to your child with a name that is not in the list provided by the government, you must submit a request and wait till it is approved.

The Hungarian alphabet contains 44 letters

This is one of the exciting facts about Hungary. It includes 44 alphabetical letters; this is why the Hungarian language is known to be truly unique and different from other European languages.

There are lots of Hungarian inventions

The Rubik’s Cube is a Hungarian invention. Also, there other remarkable designs by Hungarians such as the holography, the thermography camera, and digital data processing. Besides that, the first-ever helicopter to fly was also designed by a Hungarian.

In Hungary, your last name comes first

When somebody writes or introduces his name in Hungary, the last name comes first.

Hungarians love spas

The famous baths of Budapest in Gellért and Széchenyi are hot springs in Hungary. The country has about 1,500 spas, including 450 public ones. Lake Hévíz in western Hungary is the second largest thermal lake in the world and is located near Lake Balaton (not a thermal lake, but the largest lake in Central Europe).


Traveling to Hungary

By Air – International airlines operating from Hungary are Aeroflot, Air France, British Airways, Easy Jet, KLM, Lufthansa, Sky Europe, Swiss, United Airlines and Wizz Air. Budapest Ferihegy International Airport in Hungary is the largest airport in the world about ten kilometers southeast of Budapest.

By the river – MAHART offers a daily hydrofoil service between Vienna, Bratislava, and Budapest from April to October.

By train – The country is part of the train network connecting European metropolitan areas. Hungary is compared to 16 European cities, and there are 47 international trains daily to Budapest via a direct train connection.

Prohibited items in Hungary

Preserves, meat or milk products, narcotics, firearms, ammunition, weapons, eggs, plants, endangered species, fireworks and alcoholic drinks with an alcoholic content of more than 60%.

Hungary is known as the home of the world’s first official vineyard

The first officially documented winery is located in Hungary, the Tokaj wine region. Wine production dates back to the 5th century, so it is not surprising that this region has received the world’s first wine title. Since 1737 it has been on the World Heritage.

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  1. Can anyone tell me what happened to the descendants of the chiefs that came through the Carpathian Mountains. I am trying to follow the Bettany family (anglicised from Hungarian Batthyany) who have a family crest from the Battle of Hastings with William the Conquerer. Is it possible that a member of the Botyan (? spelling) family married into a Frankish noble family and settled west in what is France today. Not reading Hungarian makes research difficult. I may be contacted on: [email protected]
    With thanks in anticipation. My Bettany ancestor lived in New Zealand as I do today.

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