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Tatabánya, 2019. január 19. Demeter Márta, az LMP frakcióvezetõ-helyettese, a párt társelnöke beszédet mond a munka törvénykönyvének az önkéntes túlmunkaidõ bõvítésérõl szóló módosítása elleni tüntetésen Tatabányán, a Fõ téren 2019. január 19-én. A háttérben Bõsz Anett, a Liberálisok ügyvivõje, független országgyûlési képviselõ. MTI/Bodnár Boglárka

Parliamentary Speaker László Kövér has proposed excluding opposition LMP lawmaker Márta Demeter from parliament’s defence and law enforcement committee, of which she is deputy head, parliament’s press office said on Monday.

Parliament is expected to decide on the proposal on Feb. 18, the first sitting of its spring term.

The Constitution Protection Office’s internal security intelligence agency, in an opinion sent to Kövér based on a security review ordered by the speaker, said Demeter was a risk to national security and it recommended her immediate exclusion from the committee.

Last October, Demeter submitted questions to the interior and defence ministers asking them why a minor named Flóra Orbán, whom Demeter had wrongly assumed to be the prime minister’s daughter, had been allowed to travel on an Airbus operated by the Hungarian army.

Later, she stated in another written question that the Hungarian army’s director for armaments and state secretary in charge of national defence development had unlawfully travelled on an aircraft used for military training. In response, several defence ministry representatives denied that Gáspár Maróth had travelled on the aircraft.

As we wrote before, Fidesz group leader Máte Kocsis demanded Demeter’s resignation for “mixing up one of the prime minister’s daughters with a two-year-old girl of the same name” and disclosing “sensitive” military information “in the hope of political gain”, read more HERE.

Source: MTI

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