Some people say that the growing threat of terrorism is linked with climate change. examined the topic and found interesting connections.

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said during a debate that climate change is directly related to the growth of terrorism. However, the website notes that this statement is oversimplified, since the relationship between climate change and conflict is more complex, but nonetheless, it is a security issue.

According to, the Fertile Crescent region (Syria, Iraq) has experienced periodic droughts during the history, and recent decades’ global warming increased these dryings. An extremely serious drought between 2007 and 2010 helped foster civil unrest which evolved into war.

However, climate change itself is not enough to create a civil war. In the case of Syria, the government’s waste of water resources, the coming of Iraqi and Palestinian refugees and lots of political and social factors played a role, as well as the extreme violence used by the Assad regime during the unrest in Daraa.

Several analysts thought Syria was resistant to the Arab Spring, since the country was stable, but a massive internal migration was happening mainly because farmers and herders lost their livelihoods, wrote.

According to the website, more and more analysts and policy makers started to examine the role of climate change contributing to the world’s conflicts and security problems. For example, the White House thinks climate change can multiply the threats and increase the risk of conflicts.

Experts say there are additional places where climate change can make situations more volatile, one of them is the South China Sea.It can be a reason why military officials want to know how to handle the issue of global warming.

Finally, notes that both climate change and terrorism are security threats, they are not comparable, but we have to pay attention to both.

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