In the days ahead of us, the temperatures can be below zero, there will be 13 degrees Celsius even during the day, said.

On Saturday, there will be a few clouds, then the cloud cover will gradually increase and thicken from southwest in the afternoon. Rain is expected sporadically, there can be snow showers in the mountains. Initially, the northwest wind will be strengthening in more areas, but the air movement will be moderate in the afternoon. The lowest temperatures will be +1,-4, the highest will be between 8 and 13.

On Sunday, the sky will be cloudy or overcast in the beginning, then the clouds will become clear and reduce from north-northeast and the sun will come out for a shorter or longer time. There can be sporadically rain, shower and snow or snow shower in the mountains. The north, northeast wind will be strengthened mainly in West Transdanubia. The lowest temperatures will be -2, +3 the daytime highest will be around 9 and 13.

On Easter Monday, there will be cloud drifts with more or less sunshine, sporadic rain, sometimes snow shower. The northern, northwestern wind will be strong, some places there will be stormy winds. The lowest temperatures will be +1, -4, the highest will be between 6 and 11 degrees Celsius daytime.

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