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Italy right to block ‘Soros vessels’ from docking, says ruling Fidesz party

Italy right to block ‘Soros vessels’ from docking, says ruling Fidesz party

Italy is right to block “Soros vessels” from docking in its ports, Hungary’s ruling Fidesz party said on Saturday.

The party reacted in a statement to Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini’s remark that rescue boats carrying migrants can “forget about” docking in Italy’s ports.

Fidesz said:

“Organisations assisting illegal migration are implementing the Soros plan when they bring masses of economic migrants to Europe.”

“These organisations want to turn Europe into a continent of immigrants, and, to this end, they commit a crime by aiding the circumvention of EU and national laws,” the party added.

“Millions more want to reach Europe from Africa with the help of the Soros vessels and the Soros network,”

Fidesz insisted. “This must be stopped, Europe’s borders must be protected.”

Photo: MTI/EPA/Mission Lifeline/Hermine Poschmann

Source: MTI


  1. Anonymous

    well done Hungary – stay immigrant free

  2. Alistor

    Hungary has accepted lots of legal immigrants. They are against allowing the flow of uncontrolled, unknown people, “illegal” immigrants like in 2015 (the big mass of demanding who-evers) into the Schengen Zone as per treaty and fundamental right. Hungary took in thousands of undocumented infants and middle-east Christians though a proper process, and left it secret for the people’s protection. The people and country are sane and humane and wish to continue living that way aside of the Brussells idiots who are determined to self-destruction and their insane plan.

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