The testing period will determine the exact price drivers will have to pay to charge their electric cars. reported that the National Utilities Service (NKM) had decided to end the practice of charging electric cars for free. The government enterprise has placed 86 charging stations all around the country, which amount to a total of 177 charging points. Sixteen of the stations operate with 50 kW direct current (DC) which means decreased charging time.

To clarify things, not all charging stations will require you to pay.

Those operating with 22kW alternating current (AC) will remain free. 50kW and 43kW stations cost 50 HUF (approximately 0.15 euros) per minute during the testing period their final price being still uncertain.

NKM is not the only company present in the electric car market in Hungary. E.ON, Elmű, Mol, OMV and others have also installed charging stations: their services, however, have long not been free by now. Although the Hungarian government has been adamant about supporting electric cars, it appears they have now followed suit.


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