writes that Friday (May 20) is the day of the opening of Jamie’s Italian Budapest, as it was announced on the restaurant’s Facebook page. Table reservations can be completed from that day too.

Earlier it turned out that the world-famous chef, Jamie Oliver was going to open a restaurant in the Buda Castle. Ever since the announcement people have been really interested in Jamie’s Italian even though the date of the opening was not known until May 17.

That was the day when they revealed the big date, which is this Friday, May 20. Hence, from then on the restaurant’s online reservation system becomes available for guests to book tables and so does the website, which contains the menu.

Recently, Roy Zsidai of Zsidai Group (who are opening Jamie’s Italian Budapest) told szeretlekmagyarorszag that, instead of one single opening event, they are planning to do a so-called soft opening for 5-6 days. Thus, at first their friends and regulars will have the chance to try out the place and see what it is like.

As the soft opening is part of the training, the staff can see how the operation goes for real. Also, Zsidai told the site that the visitors should expect much lower prices than they would face in, for example, England. This is because the restaurants have to cope with the certain country’s price level.

However, they have to bear in mind the rules and standards of the brand, including the technology and ingredients, therefore, the prices will be those of a quality Italian bistro. Yet, Jamie’s Italian Budapest will not belong to the category of fine dining.


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