The Academy Award winner Jennifer Lawrence has fallen in love with Hungarian designer, Andrea Harcos’s lamp during her stay in Budapest in January, reports

Though it was months ago that Harcos met Lawrence, we learn from her blog, that the filming crew and the actress herself asked the designer not to publish the entry until they leave the country.

It all began when one of Harcos’ friends asked her to make a lamp as a birthday gift for their sister, Ági. Andrea was among the guests at the birthday party (since the gift was her creation and she is quite attached to them), where the birthday girl’s current filming colleagues were present as well.

– the birthday gift

In her entry, Harcos says: ‘The night before the party I dreamt that I took a selfie with Jennifer Lawrence in front of my lamp’. At first, it seemed silly to her, but she actually decided to tell Ági, who revealed that she was working with the actress, though she could not make it to the party.

During the party, Andrea spotted a familiar face, namely Francis Lawrence, director of The Hunger Games trilogy, and sometime later Jennifer Lawrence appeared as well, introducing herself casually to the Hungarian designer, who – as she says – was completely dumbstruck.

Andrea’s creation, the Love Lamp, was an absolute success, the designer tells her readers that everyone loved it and that she never had such an uplifting experience before. What’s more, Lawrence herself was over the moon as well, she told Andrea: ‘You are a true artist. I really love your work, it’s amazing!’.

Andrea did not miss the chance to tell Jennifer about the strange dream she had the night before, and luckily, Jennifer made that dream come true.

– Lawrence and Harcos on the birthday party

No wonder that the American actress was so astonished by Andrea’s work. Every single Love Lamp is handcrafted by the Hungarian designer, she spends at least 100 hours working on each piece, making sure that every detail is in its place. Only a few of these lamps are produced per month, all of them having a unique serial number. The Love Lamps are usually inspired by passion, beauty, love and sensuality.

You can read the whole entry here, on Andrea Harcos’s blog.

photos: Love Lamp’s Facebook page and Instagram account

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