Budapest (MTI) – Europe and Hungary should give an efficient response to the Paris attacks because their failure to do so would trigger even more horrendous tragedies, radical nationalist Jobbik leader Gabor Vona said on Saturday.

In a statement published “to provoke constructive social debate”, Vona said that there existed a link between terrorism and migration and that immigration increased the terror threat.

Hungary should not accept any migrants relocated under the EU’s planned quota regime or expelled from Western Europe, he said.

“Although immigrants are not terrorists, they become frustrated after realising that life is not a bed of roses in Europe either and the terrorist cells may easily find new recruits among them,” the Jobbik leader said.

Instead of collecting signatures against the EU’s mandatory quota system, there is a pressing need for amending the constitution to allow for a binding referendum on the issue, he said.

Vona said the political forces that “have imposed or want to impose migrants on Europe” bear indirect responsibility for the Paris attacks. The period of “pro-migrant policies” has become a thing of the past both in Europe and Hungary, he said.

Vona said the eastern European nations should intensify cooperation in all walks of life “so as to be able to stand on their own feet and embark on their own road if the western nations fall into a lasting crisis”.

Photo: MTI


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