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Jobbik promises education, home-creation schemes for young people

Jobbik promises education, home-creation schemes for young people

People’s patriotic party Jobbik will introduce education and home-creation schemes for young people in the event of winning power in the 2018 general election, party leader Gábor Vona said on Thursday.

He criticised the current education system in Hungary, saying the emphasis should fall on developing English-language and IT skills, as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle and the acquisition of basic financial and business knowledge.

Students should be given the taste of success and the tools for life-long learning with the provision of community cooperation, Vona told a press conference.

He promised a “home-creation scheme of historic importance” if Jobbik enters government in order to combat emigration couples putting off having children. Under Jobbik’s plans, some 10,000 homes would be revamped and another 10,000 new homes built every year from 2020, which young people can rent at a discount before assuming complete ownership after 8-10 years, he said.

He added that Jobbik will not accept any migrants in Hungary regardless of whether they are rich or poor. The government’s acceptance of 2,300 migrants in the past three years was the “scam of the century”, Vona said, calling on the cabinet to provide detailed information as to their whereabouts.

Source: MTI

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