Ruling Fidesz’s migration policy has failed, the head of opposition Jobbik said on Monday.

Gábor Vona said the 2,300 people that Hungary had granted asylum in the past three years are “not Coptic Christians or children, nor did they knock on the door” as the government has claimed. He said that

the asylum-seekers had not been screened and “a number of them are dangerous criminals unfit for integration”.

Vona suggested that the government media is silent about crimes committed by refugees in Hungary but insisted that those crimes included mugging, sexual assault, human smuggling or prison riot.

Vona also criticised the government for spending “tens of millions of forints” to assist refugees pay for rent in Budapest.

“The government is unable to protect Hungary; they have only used migration as a tool to manipulate society”.

The Jobbik leader called on Sandor Pinter, the interior minister, to report to parliament’s national security committee, while Prime Minister Viktor Orbán should be questioned in a special session of the national assembly.

Source: MTI

  1. Jobbik, it is very obvious why you address the people the way you do with your propaganda talk against Fidesz. You, along with the rest of the opposition are interested in taking power from this government, but you really have no interest in running the country. Firstly, you are nasty to your country and have no security ideas for the people. Secondly, power being your foremost object, you will pull Hungary back down to what it was prior to 2010. As far as I am aware, except for the people that bought themselves into the country, roughly 20000 of them, all the refugees in Hungary have undergone rigorous checks to be able to enter the country. They are refugees, and are being helped under the Geneva Convention until the time comes when it is safe to return to their own countries. What you are doing is spreading hypocritical lies and false information to the voters of all parties, let alone Fidesz. You talk about crimes committed, so why don’t you publish these crimes, and let the people know. You are totally wrong, Fidesz has not held anything back from the media or the people in this country. They rule Democratically helping and building Hungary up the best way it can be, and bringing happiness and prosperity into the lives of the people. Why don’t you leave them alone and go back to your routes of Neo Nazis. Your not wanted. Let the people of Hungary live in peace and let them enjoy their lives. Fidesz-KDNP were and are meant for hungary, God, the country has waited long enough for their rule since Communism came into being. GOD BLESS Orbán Viktor and his government.

  2. I Agree, the exact same is happening in Ireland.The EU is a Monster that is dead in the water.Countries are Countries not States,its time Ireland left .Now.

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