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Budapest, 2019. február 2. Gyöngyösi Márton, a Jobbik elnökhelyettese, frakcióvezetõje a párt évadnyitó rendezvényén a budapesti Dürer Kertben 2019. február 2-án. MTI/Máthé Zoltán

Conservative Jobbik will be represented in parliament by a strong and united group faithful to its creed during the spring session and will act in a similar spirit throughout 2019, the opposition party’s group leader said on Friday, wrapping up their meeting in Mátraszentlászló.

Assessing the three-day meeting, Márton Gyöngyösi told reporters in nearby Gyöngyös that

those were wrong who expected that ruling Fidesz’s “intrigues” and fines by the State Audit Office (ÁSZ) would drive Jobbik “into depression”.

The lawmakers agreed that the party will fight against Fidesz’s “semi-feudal and dictatorial rule” in parliament and out in the street, Gyöngyösi said.

Jobbik will continue to represent Hungarian national interests and offer “an alternative” to Fidesz’s policies, he said, adding that the party was prepared to take “rather unconventional” actions.

The participants discussed the “exorbitant ÁSZ fines” of around one billion forints levied on the party, Gyöngyösi said, adding that they would seek to pay it in instalments. Jobbik will at the same time file a lawsuit with the European human rights court in Strasbourg and the European court in Luxembourg over the matter, he said.

The meeting approved that Jobbik will field a list of its own for the May EP elections and publish the names of their candidates soon, the group leader said, adding the party had already finalised its programme.


Tamás Sneider, the chairman of Jobbik, called together an extraordinary party congress because the State Audit Office fined the party for 270 M HUF (EUR 844 thousand). According to Sneider, they are going to discuss two topics: the termination of their parliamentary group which would raise further financial questions and the continuation of the national resistance announced by the party last year, read more HERE.

Source: MTI

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