Szentpétervár, 2017. április 3. Egy megrongálódott kocsi 2017. április 3-án, miután robbanás volt a szentpétervári metró egyik állomásán. Legalább tíz ember életét vesztette, több tucatnyian megsérültek. (MTI/AP/

Budapest, April 3 (MTI) – President János Áder has sent his condolences to Russian President Vladimir Putin over the explosion in the St Petersburg metro on Monday.

In his letter, Áder conveyed the sympathy of Hungarians to the families of nine people who died earlier in the day.

“We deeply sympathise with those injured, too, and wish them a speedy and full recovery,” Áder wrote in his letter.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán also expressed condolences in a letter to the Russian president, the PM’s press chief said.

“Such violent and inexplicable attacks cause every nation great pain, but at the same time they do not diminish, and cannot diminish, our common commitment to fighting terrorism,” the letter said.

Orbán assured Putin of the support of Hungary and the Hungarian people “in these difficult hours”.

“I share with my compatriots the pain of the victims’ families and I wish the injured the swiftest possible recovery,” the letter said.

Source: MTI

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