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Hungarian town has won the title of ‘The most beautiful main square’

Hungarian town has won the title of ‘The most beautiful main square’

Világjáró Magazin reports that a Hungarian town has won the title of ‘The most beautiful main square’ and a silver diploma at this year’s Entente Florale Europe.

The harmony between the buildings and the wondrous plants of the Kossuth square is why Kaposvár was awarded a special prize.

Kaposvár represented Hungary in the cities category, while Tihany in the villages section at the Entente Florale Europe.

Last year, Kaposvár won the Legvirágosabb magyar város (loosely translated as ‘the most floral Hungarian city) competition.


In 2004, Kaposvár was declared the most floral European city, and this isn’t the first time that its main square was awarded. In 2010, it won the title of the most beautiful Hungarian main square, chosen by the Hungarian Tourism Ltd and the organisers of the Virágos Magyarországért competition.

The Entente Florale Europe is much more than a simple competition, that has run on for three decades.

It is also a campaign to protect the common European environmental and cultural values and to create a more living-friendly environment.

During this program, 25 thousand places from 12 countries connect with each other, involving the contribution of over 50 million people. Before this medal, Hungary has won 9 golds, 25 silvers and 10 bronzes at the European competition. Further 10 Hungarian places were awarded special prizes.

Kaposvár town

Kaposvár, Hungary. Photo: MTI

Kaposvár town

Kaposvár, Hungary. Photo: MTI

It isn’t just the main square for which Kaposvár is famous for, but also the City Hall.

The Neo-Renaissance building was finished between 1902-1903 and is the central element of Kaposvár. It is open to visitors, and if the gatekeeper has some free time, he will guide you through the decorated stairway, and the wainscoted assembly hall, which is incomparably beautiful and is still being used today.

According to Online Balaton, Tihany has won a gold medal in the villages category. Imre Tósoki, the mayor of Tihany, represented the location at the award-giving ceremony at Podcetrtek, Slovenia, on Friday evening.

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