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Kósa-gate: Jobbik calls for parliamentary committee to investigate

Kósa-gate: Jobbik calls for parliamentary committee to investigate

According to Hungarian daily Magyar Nemzet, minister Lajos Kósa manages a mysterious fortune of  4,3 billions of Euros. Jobbik’s vice president János Volner commented on the scandal.

“If we wait for any action from Fidesz-controlled Prosecutor General Péter Polt, this affair will never be investigated, so Jobbik calls for immediately establishing a parliamentary committee of inquiry so that the people of Hungary could find out whose fortune is managed by Lajos Kósa and for what purpose.

Such huge private fortunes are never entrusted to the management of a minister in Hungary and perhaps even internationally, since it amounts to half the annual budget of a small country or that of the Hungarian healthcare system.

Before voters cast their ballots to decide who they want to manage Hungary in the future, they should know who is truly behind Lajos Kósa and Fidesz.

Whose treasurer is Lajos Kósa? Who is the owner of the EUR 4.3 billion fund entrusted to his care? Where does this money come from? Does it come from legal or illegal, Hungarian or foreign sources? What has Lajos Kósa and Fidesz done with it?

If the Jobbik-initiated parliamentary committee is set up, it will complete its report by April 7. If Fidesz has nothing to hide, they will support the work of the committee, otherwise they will have nowhere to hide after April 8.

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