Budapest, September 9 (MTI) – All projects included in the programme of Ferenc Falus, candidate of the leftist parties for mayor of Budapest, would cost a total 1,200 billion forints (EUR 3.8bn) to implement, Falus told MTI today.

In the interview, Falus said that though he saw the resources to finance the whole programme are available, such projects as the M3 metro line refurbishment and building P+R car parks should be “realistically achievable” priorities.

Falus also said that Budapest’s residents should be asked about priorities for city dwellers, and suggested that schemes like building new museums in the City Park or reconstructing the Ferenc Puskas Stadium could be postponed.

Download (6)The candidate insisted that of the 8,000 billion forints Hungary is expected to receive from the European Union in the current seven-years financial framework, 15-20 percent should be spent on improving the capital’s infrastructure. He argued that Budapest’s residents and ventures accounted for 40 percent of Hungary’s GDP and 60 percent of public finance, and said that “somewhat more should be spent on the city as they have done in recent years”.

Concerning public transport, Falus said he thought it pointless to renew the old trains on the M3 metro line, and suggested that new carriages should be purchased.

On another subject, Falus said that a proposed network of civil helpers could be set up through employing 800-1,000 people part time to assist public area wardens and to offer “real help” to residents like “checking on grandma at home alone”. He insisted that the system could be managed out of an annual 2 billion forints.

Photo: MTI – Tibor Illyes



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