Nagykanizsa, 2018. január 17. Az április 8-ai országgyûlési választás hirdetményei a nagykanizsai polgármesteri hivatalban 2018. január 17-én. MTI Fotó: Varga György

The Hungarian Liberal Party will submit a request to the justice minister on giving Hungarians living abroad two days to cast their votes in the spring general election, the party’s deputy leader said on Thursday.

Speaking at a press conference, Ádám Sermer said voters abroad should be given the entire weekend of April 8 to vote, arguing that not all of them would have time to go to a foreign mission on election day.

Under the current election rules, Hungarians who have a permanent address in the country but are abroad on the day of an election or referendum

can only vote at a Hungarian embassy or consular office near them, while ethnic Hungarians living beyond the border can vote by mail.

Sermer noted that his party had already turned to President János Áder in connection with making it easier for Hungarians abroad to vote and the Liberal Party had initiated setting up temporary polling places in 25 European cities.

Sermer said the president had forwarded that request to Justice Minister László Trócsányi.

Featured image: MTI

Source: MTI

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