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The government’s “Stop Soros” package of laws and draft amendment to the constitution, now before parliament, are unacceptable and “no more than PR tools”, a co-leader of the opposition LMP party told a press conference on Friday.

László Lóránt Keresztes said that some components of the draft amendment were “correct”, but the whole draft was a “mixed salad” of different proposals, and suggested that the introduction of public administration courts or restricting the right to assembly had nothing to do with migration, the main focus of the draft.

Keresztes, however, voiced agreement with the government’s policy in so far that migration policy should stay a national competency and Europe’s external borders must be protected.

Illegal migration should be under complete control and the focus of assistance should be helping migrants stay and prosper in their homelands, he added.

LMP deputy group leader Márta Demeter said that the “Stop Soros” draft was “extremely weak” and would not contribute to increasing the country’s security. She said that the EU’s Frontex border control organisation should be granted more funds and its headcount should be increased to 10,000 before the target date of 2027. To that end she urged that the EU’s next seven-year budget should be adopted as soon as possible.

Ruling Fidesz responded by saying that LMP was “still a mercenary of George Soros”.

LMP rejected the past constitutional amendment bill aimed at protecting the Hungarian people “and have attacked any measure that was meant to serve Hungary’s security”, István Hollik, the Fidesz-Christian Democrat alliance’s parliamentary spokesman, told a press conference. Hollik said that if LMP and the other opposition parties did not back the government’s action plan to protect Hungary, it would indicate “that they are still in favour of illegal immigration and the Soros plan”.

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Source: MTI

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