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Budapest, 2017. szeptember 30. Szél Bernadett, a Lehet Más a Politika (LMP) társelnöke, frakcióvezetõje, a párt miniszterelnök-jelöltje beszédet mond az LMP kongresszusán a XIV. kerületi Moha Házban 2017. szeptember 30-án. Az ellenzéki párt küldöttei várhatóan megerõsítik Szél Bernadett társelnök miniszterelnök-jelöltségét, emellett szavaznak a választási együttmûködési szándékról is az Új Kezdet párttal. MTI Fotó: Máthé Zoltán

Hungary needs a new direction and new leaders, Bernadett Szél, the co-leader of green opposition party LMP (Lehet Más a Politika – Politics Can Be Different), said after being nominated as candidate for prime minister for the 2018 election.

The greatest obstacle to change is not the ruling Fidesz government but “people’s sense of hopelessness and bitterness”, she said in her speech on Saturday. LMP has shown it can rewrite the rules of politics, she added.

“I do not want to be prime minister playing by post-communist rules,” she said.

“I want to rewrite the rules.”

She vowed that her government would have no “recycled politicians”, empty election promises, oligarchs or “dirty deals”.

To those “doubting a woman should be chosen as prime minister”, Szél said Hungarian women were up to any task.

Szél slammed political parties that “weigh estimates of seats and poll results” six months before the election, adding that these parties failed to strive for any real change in politics.

Ruling Fidesz is doing everything it can to make the opposition look powerless, Szél said.

“They pretend they have no challengers.”

With her election as candidate for prime minister, LMP wants to “leave behind those who have deceived us, as well as each other, on both ends of the spectrum”, she said.

Speaking about the party’s programme, Szél said securing “decent wages” is LMP’s priority.

Also, no money would be spent on upgrading the Paks nuclear plant under an LMP government, she said.

Szél also highlighted boosting local food production as an important goal.

On the topic of social and education services, Szél said “20 percent” of resources should be funnelled into education. She promised to restore an independent health ministry and independently managed social insurance funds.

As we wrote few days ago, Tthe popularity of the opposition Socialists is at a 25-year record low among decided voters, while ruling Fidesz and green opposition LMP have improved their support, a representative poll prepared by Median between September 15 and 20 shows.

Also we wrote during the summer, the strongest opposition party, Jobbik party elects Gábor Vona was being nominated as candidate for prime minister for the 2018 election. He announced a programme for a safer, fairer and free Hungary at the party’s 16th national congress in Budapest.

Source: MTI

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