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Green opposition LMP co-leader Bernadett Szél has submitted a report to police in connection with alleged mismanagement of public funds for the government’s “national consultation” survey about the “Soros plan”.

The government has launched a consultation and “is wasting nearly 10 billion forints” on a plan “which probably does not even exist”,

spokesman Máté Kanász-Nagy said on Friday.

Szél has made an inquiry for data of public interest and requested to receive the “Soros plan” from the government but received no answer within the available timeframe. As a result, the party is filing a lawsuit for the data.

Kanász-Nagy said

the consultation was a “bluff”, a part of government propaganda aimed to distract attention from real problems in the country.

In response, ruling Fidesz said that while LMP denies the existence of the “Soros plan”, it “supports and is prepared to implement it” just like “[Democratic Coalition leader Ferenc] Gyurcsány and the Socialists”.

It added that LMP MEP Tamás Meszerics voted in favour of every “pro-migrant” proposal in the European Parliament.

As we wrote before, Jobbik presses charges against George Soros. If the police refuses to start an investigation, then we will have official proof that the Orbán government brainwashes our people, says Jobbik.

Source: MTI

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  1. You always will have people that doesn’t want to see what’s happening. They are everywhere and it is important for Soros/Schwartz to use these kind of people. In Holland we also have some of them and they rather prefer to sell their mother than to see what people with brains are doing to avoid problems in the future. Also for the people mentioned before (and their children!), but they accept funds from Soros/Schwartz. Here we have a ‘princess’ with the name ‘Mabel van Oranje’ a woman that had sold weapons to the Serbians during the Balkanwar. She earned a lot of money and that was the reason for her to join the ‘Soros/Schwartz’ team. Later-on that Mabel raised a fund to’get the war out of the child’, receiving subsidy from the Dutch Government. Can anyone explain this? And -of course- she is a part of the so-called green frogs that see everywhere problems and making our lives very unpleasant. I see that it is the same in Hungary. Beware of these people!
    Sander Driessen
    So-called green parties have lost their

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