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LMP proposes five-party talks on politicians’ wealth

LMP proposes five-party talks on politicians’ wealth

Budapest, January 9 (MTI) – The opposition LMP party has called for talks between the parliamentary parties next week to discuss its proposal aimed at increasing the transparency of politicians’ assets.

Under LMP’s proposal, politicians would be subjected to a mandatory scrutiny of their assets, which would replace the current system of politicians submitting an asset declaration each year.

LMP leaders Bernadett Szél and Ákos Hadházy told a press conference on Monday that the other parties are welcome to put forward any alternative suggestion to “put strict control” on increasing assets owned by politicians.

LMP “has had enough of there being no consequence to the scandals around politicians’ wealth each year,” Szél said. She added that under the LMP proposal, the State Audit Office would compare each politician’s income with their wealth.


Hadházy said that the system of asset declarations should be dropped because it is “the strongest evidence that politicians will not tell the truth”. He said it was not enough to record the assets, it must also be verified how the owners had paid for them.

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Source: MTI

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  1. Vedo

    Oh great! The LMP has it’s priorities straight once again. They want to figure out how much better the others guys have it, you know, the ones that are making a big positive difference in this country. LMP keeps promoting themselves as independent wannabes that will fix everything, and when they see a foreign government pull together from all sides, like in Romania (Hungarian Soc party), inspired in the last days by the speaker and Fidesz, they congratulate the party. Yet here at home they constantly want to work apart and fight the ruling party, slinging all kinds of Fake news!! Grow up LMP or just get out. We’re tired of Hypocrites!!

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