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Luxury dormitory to be opened in Budapest

Luxury dormitory to be opened in Budapest

According to, with the reconstruction and expansion of the onetime Fire Warehouse cultural centre, Hungary’s first private based upper category dormitory is on its way. Avantgard Architectural Studio and K-arc Creative Workshop deigned a 12,000 + 1,300 m2 building, which is planned to be inaugurated in the autumn.

Milestone Budapest is a top class dormitory, which offers high quality accommodation to Hungarian and foreign students. The investment developed by Forestay Development is the first private based dormitory in Hungary, which will have 418 single rooms and a retail area of 1300 m2. The estate offers a communal accommodation as the neighbour of the Semmelweis University’s EOK building, 80 metres away from Klinikák metro station.

Photo: Forestay Group

On one hand, the Milestone Budapest student residence is a modern, innovative investment with unique services, on the other hand, it has a significant value-creating role in the heart of the 9th district. The development aims to rehabilitate the Labor Tool Industrial Factory’s building (built in the 1950s) and its neighbourhood. The building was closed down in 1991, and it became a temporary warehouse of the fire service.

In 2005, it became the home of the Tűzraktár (meaning fire-warehouse) cultural centre, which introduced and helped young artists, actors and architects. The graffiti of this era were photographed before the demolition, because the executors plan on bringing back some graffiti elements. All in all, the building hasn’t been used for almost 25 years, but thanks to the investment it will be renewed and even get an “L” shaped wing.


Photo: Forestay Group

The building aims to fulfill all needs of students, so, besides the rooms, there’s also going to be community areas like a lobby, study halls, gym, TV rooms, rooftop, café and restaurant. Students can choose from a variety of living units: all rooms have separate bathrooms and mini kitchens, but some even come with a balcony/terrace, expanded kitchen and greater inner height.

The interior design maximally utilizes the size of the rooms and increases space with small tricks, like diagonally placed bathroom walls and practical, compact furniture. The walk and park found on the ground floor offer a connection path between the university building and the metro station, not to mention that it is a great relaxation spot for anyone.

Photo: Forestay Group


  • rooms with design furniture, bathroom and kitchen
  • study halls
  • lobby
  • laundry room
  • wireless internet
  • safe
  • cleaning agency
  • full technical personnel
  • cafés
  • restaurants
  • fitness centre
  • 250 m2 rooftop with kitchen

Photo: Forestay Group

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