French President Emmanuel Macron has replied in a letter to Hungarian counterpart János Áder thanking his proposals on fighting climate change and welcoming Áder’s dedication to the issue.

Áder wrote a letter to Macron in August proposing to expand the Paris climate agreement by involving subnational organisations. Áder asked Macron to prepare the conditions for such organisations to receive an effective role at this year’s international climate summit. His proposal had been supported earlier by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.

Macron said in his reply posted on the website of the Hungarian president’s office that he agreed with Áder’s proposal and also urged fast and effective implementation of the agreement.

The resoluteness of action for climate change also depends on the involvement of civil society, including subnational organisations, he added.

Macron said that during the Paris summit on December 12, a roundtable conference will be held on the role of subnational organisations in the implementation of the agreement.

The French president also said that thanks to Áder’s participation, Hungary is at the forefront of efforts in the fight against climate change.

Source: MTI

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