Sadiq Khan

Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, has addressed his concerns regarding the current political climate in Europe. He emphasised that many EU leaders are playing people’s fears by using hate language, trying to divide communities. He used Hungary as one of the prime examples.

Khan, together with other world leaders, attended an event in Poland to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the start of the 1939-1945 conflict, Reuters reports. During this event, he compared Europe’s present political situation to the eve of World War Two. Khan believes that many leaders use divisive language to win popularity and spread hatred against minorities.

Sadiq Khan has been serving as mayor of London since May 2016. He is from Tooting, South London. He comes from a working-class British Pakistani family. He graduated from the University of North London.

Khan also said:

“Are we living through times now similar to the 1930s? Because if you look at the 1930s, what happened – the rise of charismatic leaders using the power of hatred to divide communities and to pick on the other.”

He has mentioned Hungary more than once, as a prime example together with Poland and The United States and Donald Trump in particular.

 “Look at the language of Donald Trump and some other leaders who are winning elections across Europe, from Hungary to Poland, to France, to Italy, to the UK. They say Islam and the West are incompatible.”

He also sheds light to the fact that many EU leaders are playing on people’s fears rather than addressing them:

By playing on people’s fears, politicians aim to divide communities by “using the language of hate, scapegoating people because of their sexual orientation, because of their ethnic origin, because of their faith, or because of who they are.”


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  1. Could this guy mean how divisive it was when India split into India and Pakistan, from which his parents fled from? Is this the message he’s trying to push or hide?

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