Szeretlek Magyarország reports that the school band of the Berze Nagy János High School from Gyöngyös covered the world-wide famous band Metallica’s even more famous hit, Nothing Else Matters. Needless to say, it was appreciated even by the metal legends.

The school band of Berze Nagy János High School from Gyöngyös made a brave choice when they decided to cover the famous metal ballad Nothing Else Matters by American Metallica. The band’s management team got word of the cover and they found it so good that they allowed the students to upload the video to YouTube.

The singer, Dávid Kerek, said that it took them eight months to finish the cover song and to get a response from the band.

‘After eight months of hard work, it is finally finished… I would like to congratulate the members of the band: Beni Faragó, Bálint Bonifác Csanádi, Csenge Várallyay, Péter Hangyál, Hunor Rajhóczki, Péter Dávid Szentendrei, Gréta Márkus, Bertold Balambér Csanádi, Gergely Szabó, Liza Csanádi, Gergely Kovács, Krisztián Csorba, Gabriella Erdélyi and many many more.’

‘It was a great surprise for us that the copyright owners of Nothing Else Matters (Hetfield and Ulrich, members of Metallica) and Metallica’s management approved of our video.

We got a permission to upload it to YouTube for an unlimited time.’

The youngsters would like to thank their teacher Emese Pitlik, who came up with the idea and helped them orchestrate the video.


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