You did not have to wait long, migrants found a new route for them, said.

As it expected, migrants started off from Croatia to Hungary.

The immigrants appeared in Ilocska, Baranya County. Mayor of the neighboring village, Magyarboly confirmed the information and said that 42 people had appeared in Ilocska around 13pm. They were sitting peacefully in the village, the Mayor of Ilocska gave them drinking water.

Correspondents of managed to talk the migrants in the village. Those who were in the village, they were Afghan nationals.

They said that the Croatian police had escorted them to the border, and still two thousand people may still be at the other side of the border who also want to come over to Hungary. They said they wanted to go to Germany. wrote that one of their readers saw a group of 25 people coming over the border, but allegedly 40 people had already crossed the nearby Karasica creek. The online edition of the newspaper also reported that there is huge chaos at Pelmonostor: the refugees push each other up to the trains, even though they knew where they go. Those migrants who do not fit on trains, they go by bus.  Several migrants said to M1 TV they would not go to Slovenia, because that would be “off the game”, since they should have registered there.

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