More than 2000 Hungarian students are applying for the best universities in Britain and more and more can manage to actually get in, reports.

While a growing number of Hungarians leave the country, since years we can see that more and more students are applying for foreign universities. (Which probably has something to do with the fact that the government broke the Hungarian education system down recently.)

According to, nowadays more than 2000 Hungarian students try to enter the best universities of England every year, which is a big increase. Around 2012 this number was around 1500 – turns out from the study of the data coming from British universities, made by the Milestone Institute.

According to the research 785 Hungarian students were studying in Great Britain’s best universities in 2015. The list of the institute includes 35 institutions of higher education. The University London College and the Aberdeen University were the most popular last year. Sixty students have the opportunity at the moment to study at the colleges in Cambridge or Oxford University.

Hungary sends the third most students to the British elite universities in our region, most of the students are coming from Romania.

Although a lot of people apply for the British universities, only a few manage to get in. However, the more students apply the more can be accepted. The success rate is getting higher, which means that more and more students succeed.

According to Milestone Institute, few years ago, in 2012, the rate was 15%. In 2015 that became 17,3%.

The rate is very similar in the other countries of the region, but Hungary and Romania send the most people to the most popular universities of the UK, namely to Oxford and Cambridge.

The management and the founders of the Milestone Institute want us to know that their goal is not to prepare the students for the preliminary or to send them to foreign universities, but to work as an educational center that helps talented young people to draw out their talents and make their abilities get utilized, here or elsewhere.

In their first 5 years the Institute was able to make profit from the paid tuition fees, which is 500,000 HUF for 3 semesters. However, in the last few years the founders realized that, in the long term, an Institution like this can not make profit only from of the tuition fees. That’s why they are planning to find external sponsors.

translated by Krisztina Kovács

Copy editor: bm


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