77% of the Hungarian employees see their position assured for a minimum of 5 years at their jobs. 82% of them think that their workplaces are going to function five years from now as well. Based on the surveys of MTI (news agency of the state) and BNP Paribas Cardiff (insurance company) and Medián (poll company) we can see that the Hungarian employees are optimists. 

The stability index on the Hungarian job market was 70 points this time – based on the surveys. Compared to the examined period of 2018 it increased by one, and to the last quarter of the year, it increased by two points. The result can be seen on a 100-point scale, and it shows how much employees trust their employers in the long term.  

The13 questions of the survey focused on how people evaluate the safety at their workplace, their effort to preserve their position, how much chance they see to find a new job. The choices of the participants of each topic were averaged, and the results were expressed in points. 

The survey showed 94 points for the question of how much they trust their workplace’s endurance.

In the last two years, the points given for these questions were 91 and 89. The question concerning the chance to find a new job was evaluated to 57 points meanwhile the result of last year was 53, and in 2017, only 44.

Márk István Kiss (chief director of BNP Paribas Cardiff) says that the optimist atmosphere among employees is mirrored in the more and more positive evaluation of the chance to get a new job. Employees dare to denounce and quit with bigger courage, even if they do not know precisely where they will work afterwards. 


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