The new video of the fashion company Oswall Woolen Mills – which was shot in Budapest – can be the most romantic ad of the year. In the 3-minute short film, places typically associated with Budapest – like the Danube, bridges across the river, the Buda Castle and several downtown details – appear, wrote.

The conception has been built on reincarnation. The major role of the short story is played by a couple, who have been separated by history, but they eventually find each other in another life, in the 21st century, when they buy the products of the Monte Carlo brand.

Not only the actors, but some of the creators are also Hungarians, for example the producer Csanad Darvas, the cameraman Matyas Erdely (who also worked on Saul’s son movie) and the choreographer Adrienn Hodi. Imaginary Friend Pictures was the Indian customer, the Indian producer is Aqeel Ahmed, and the director is Aniket Shirke. The short film will appear in the Indian movie theaters and on Indian TV channels.

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