Revolutionists capturing a Russian tank in October 1956

Stoke – Budapest – According to blikk.hu, a movie can be made about the story of a Hungarian 1956 –refugee, Nandor Pekar, the son of Nandor, Richard who is living in England told the Stoke Sentinel newspaper.

The film will be based on the book which was written by the father of Richard on his escape.

The history of Nandor Pekar, who grew up in Mogyorska, a village in Borsod, is really fit in a movie.

His First World War veteran father, Janos gave him training in the Zemplen hill: with only one knife, Nandor lived several days in the woods.

The then- 17 year-old Nandor had already thrown Molotov cocktails to the Soviet tanks during the first days of the revolution and he turned the weapons taken from the dead against the new waves of the attackers.

After the revolution, Pekar tried to escape among the last in the border, which was swarmed by Soviet border guards and was full of landmines.

Luckily, he received a tip and knew how to get through them. When he finally passed by the barbed wires and watchtowers, he accidentally actuated a launching gear, which sent a flare into the air. Then he arrived in Austria.

Nandor Pekar started a new life in Stoke, England, but the end of the story is not of Hollywood: in 1987, he committed suicide.

Richard said he did not know why his father had thrown away his life.

based on the article of blikk.hu
translated by BA

Source: http://www.blikk.hu

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