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According to, a woman, the mother of three children met a man in Népliget, Budapest, who killed her the same day.

Krisztián S (29) was loitering in the Hungarian capital when he noticed Erzsébet S (40), who was waiting for the bus. He tried to make conversation with the woman who was more than 10 years older than him. She did not turn him away. Moreover, Erzsébet went on a walk with him in order to have a conversation tranquilly. They roamed the streets of Pest for a while, then decided to buy a bottle of wine which they have drunk together.

After drinking and chatting, they ended up in Népliget, where,

after a dispute, the man hit Erzsébet in the head with a sharp object several times with such strength that the woman died on the spot.

The woman lived in a centre providing temporary accommodation. A passer-by found her partly nude body the following day in one of the bushy parts of the park. Police started the investigation right away. They offered a reward of 5 million HUF for the person who can help track down the criminal. The breakthrough in the investigation only came one year later.

The investigatory team took notice of over two hundred clues, and interrogated over 4000 people, informed Gábor Bucsek, chief of police at Budapest Police Headquarters.

On the 19th of December, 2017 a video was published of a man wandering around a tram stop. He was sought after because he attacked a woman is Szállás utca, who was later taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries. Less than 48 hours later Krisztián S was shackled.

During his interrogation, the suspect did not only admit the attack in Szállás utca, but the murder in Népliget, too.

After his provisional detention, Krisztián S’s counsel of defence, dr. Ildikó Willi claimed the following about his client:

“He is very sorry about his deeds, and he would like to apologise to the victim’s kin and the people. He hopes to be able to fit in society after his punishment.  My client asked for medical assistance from the authorities. As krisztián S explained, he was sexually abused in his youth and did not have a good relationship with his parents. As a result, he did not learn how to handle his aggression and vehemence.”

Krisztián S has a girlfriend who is not sure about staying with him after all that had happened.

The police did not pay the 5 million HUF to anyone since they caught the suspect without public assistance.

The man might get a life-long sentence.



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