The next year’s timetable of MAV-Start (the Hungarian railway company) enters into force on December 13, where supply was adjusted to travel habits, and service level has been increased – Andras Csepke, CEO of the passenger transport railway company said at the Budapest press conference on Thursday, wrote.

He informed that the extremely underutilized lines were terminated, by which the annual passenger kilometers decrease by 0.98% in 2016. From the released HUF 1.5 billion cost savings, the number of on-board conductors and engine drivers will be increased with 300 from 2016, and the supply on crowded lines will be expanded.

Andras Csepke stressed: the line terminations neither affect work and school attendance nor the areas not covered on roads.

The CEO of MAV Start Zrt. emphasized: by the extension of the new ticket sales system, they will more and more real data about travel habits which can be followed in the demand-driven timetable during the year as well.

Marton Feldmann, sales Deputy CEO of MAV Start highlighted that 62% of the passengers use the service with a pass and he called important to keep the regular passengers.

According to the information of the Deputy CEO, the railway company operates more than one million trains a year on average which take more than 75 million kilometers.

Among the timetable changes, he pointed out that a new timetable structure has been formed on the Budapest-Komarom-Gyor-Hegyeshalom line because of the opening of the Vienna main station. InterCity trains between Budapest and Gyor operate hourly and stop in Tata and Komarom, as well as commuter trains between Budapest and Tatabanya operate more frequently, wrote.

On the Budapest-Szekesfehervar line, 13 trains operate on an extended route between Kobanya-Kispest and Martonvasar; six of the trains operate between Budapest and Veszprem will stop in Gardony, too.

MAV-Start informed that travel time decreases on the Kelenfold-Szekesfehervar-Gyekenyes line due to the completion of the reconstruction, for example, travel between Budapest and Keszthely will be 15 minutes shorter on average.

New lines will be launched from Budapest to Szazhalombatta in work and school times. Hortobagy EuroCity going to Vienna will start from Nyiregyhaza, touching Debrecen and the Keleti railway station.

Travel time will decrease due to the opening of the new Vienna station, one train operate from Budapest through Prague to Hamburg on the entire section every day, you have to transfer on the others.

A new EuroCity will be launched from Budapset to Warsaw under the name Varsovia every day.

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