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Last December, the park had to escort its visitors out because a lion managed to get out from the restricted area. Even though she could not get out of the park of the bear home, the issue caused panic among visitors. Now, a video shows how she was wandering around in the park, and it seems that what happened was the director’s fault.

One of the caretakers, Richárd Vágó, told what he saw that day emphasising that they all panicked first. He said that he was near the lynxes when the director of the bear home, Bálint Kuli, asked him for help. Moments later, he heard a scared mother (let’s name her Anna) crying for help because while she was watching the lions peacefully with her kid, she realised that one of them was outside the fence.

Here is a video about how the lion was walking in the park and how she was finally caught:

Based on the park’s protocol, before opening, they let the lions walk outside the restricted area. However, it seems that last December somebody was not patient enough because two lions remained in their cages during that walking time.

As a result, they started to fight so the caretaker, and the director could not communicate probably because of the cacophony they caused. Anyway, Mr Kuli wanted to separate them, so he opened another cage but pushed the wrong button. As a result, the bear home’s biggest male lion went into the cage immediately attacking the two female lions – Mr Vágó said. Afterwards, the director pulled another lever, but that opened a door leading to the feeding corridor. And since the cleaners did not close the corridor’s other door leading outside,

one of the lions, Lili, could get out into a grove where the visitors were.

Lili immediately went to the goats and searched for livestock, causing panic among the caretakers and visitors of the bear home.

This is how angry the male lion, Leonardo, was that morning:

Anna (the mother mentioned above) said that she was taking a video of the lions when she noticed that one of them was not beyond the fence. Fortunately, the crew immediately ran for their help and escorted them to one of their offices. Finally, they got out of the park by car. Meanwhile, the big male lion, Leonardo, decided to go after Lili.

To avoid that, Mr Kuli shut the door of the feeding corridor only seconds away from being caught by the lion.

Meanwhile, the others tried to find Lili. Therefore, they brought her some meat and, finally, shot her with tranq darts. The bear home said then that the incident caused no personal injury or material damage.

The bear home has an excellent English website, so if you plan to visit it, you should click HERE to learn the details about how you can do that. HERE you may find one of our articles in which we introduce the bear farm with beautiful photos.


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