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New Hungarian start-up to appear in hotel and catering trade

New Hungarian start-up to appear in hotel and catering trade

Long payback times often discourage investors from pulling up hotels, don’t they? But a new Hungarian development dramatically cuts this time, for the construction and operation costs reduce significantly. This is boxhotel, says, the conception dreamed by Péter Vitkovics and his business partner Tamás Langmáhr.

So what is this boxhotel?

A boxhotel is a furnished accommodation providing full convenience that can be produced at low cost with short payback time. Besides, it does not require much space, it can be settled anywhere, it can be expanded as you wish, and provides a four-star standard.


How does the guest view it?

In the boxhotel, there is four-star convenience, unique design and the basic services are available. The basic area of one living quarter is about 8-16 square meters and it provides the guests with all important furniture, and devices, like wardrobe, a separate bathroom, LED lights, LED TV, Wi-Fi and electric door lock. Besides innovative interior design, smart storage solutions and careful designing, cleanliness is also a crucial element, notes.

The hotel operates automatically; there is no staff (except for the cleaning staff), no check-in and check-out. Practically, everything is available online, for example, sales and booking. Hotelbox is ideal for those who need accommodation for one or two nights for not too much money.


How does the investor see it?

Boxhotel is an attractive opportunity for investors because it can be produced at low cost, its payback time is short, it requires little space, it can be put anywhere and can be expanded according to needs and wishes. Just imagine that a hotel with 52 rooms only takes 400 square metres. Its payback time is about 5 years with high yield and low operation costs, informs.

Fina Aristic

Its application is multi-faceted, because, depending on the interior trim level, it can turn into a hotel, a dormitory or a workers’ hostel. What is more, based on the plans of boxhotel, boxpubs are about to be constructed, targeting street food.


100 boxes per year

Péter Vitkovics told that boxhotel was a start-up project. It is time for the dream to come true, so, with his partner, they are now waiting for the first orders. He added that the sizes of boxes were designed in a way that they provide guests with comfort, but they can be also easily transported by train or truck. One truck can transport two boxes.



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