The world-famous fashion brand, Lacoste is known for its beautifully elaborated commercials. Their newest ad came out a few days ago and we were quite happy to recognise Nyugati railway station in the film. The commercial aims to present the evolution of their iconic polo shirt, which managed to maintain its elegance throughout history. writes that the new commercial is titled Timeless Elegance, which basically sums up the philosophy of the company. The main “character” of the film is the iconic polo shirt, decorated with the crocodile, and its inevitable attraction. However, what’s important is that the classic, collared, short-sleeved shirt always stays the same, no matter which era the story is set in. What’s even more important for us is that the story starts in the Nyugati railway station.

According to the official website, the commercial is the story of an epic journey and love at first sight. The hero embarks on a turbulent quest throughout the decades: the style evolves, but the polo shirt maintains its inalterable elegance. The quest takes place over eight decades, reminding us that life itself is a beautiful sport.


The Nyugati railway station is depicted as a 1930s Parisian train station full of authentic trains. The commercial was shot beautifully and the transformation of the station turned out perfectly.

For that matter, the iconic collared shirt was launched in 1933 by French tennis star René Lacoste and his business partner, André Gillier. The small, green crocodile became their trademark, because there was a journalist who liked to call Lacoste Alligator based on his style of play. The tennis player asked one of his friends, Robert George to design a crocodile emblem, which he wore on his jacket from 1926.

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Source: Daily News Hungary

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  1. whoever made this commercial was awesome and very creative as well as thought provoking. I slow it down and notice the changes, the thoughts, looks, actions, train, people, wow. I also play it back time and time again noticing the the “random” meeting in time and change in clothes. The running on top of the train and in the end – the man gets his woman :-} Thank you for taking me back in time and memories.

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