Esztergom Basilica

According to, the Castle Hill and Watertown of Esztergom were inaugurated as national memorial sites last week. The symbolic stele erected between the Castle Museum and the Basilica was ceremonially introduced to the public last Saturday.

“The Hungarian and European culture and the spirit of Christianity are what make this site unquestionably deserving of propagating as a memorial what Esztergom – starting with Saint Stephen – means” said Mayor Etelka Romanek.

Saint Stephen was crowned in Esztergom, this is where the centre of the Hungarian Catholic Church was developed, and it is still the main diocese of the Catholic Church. This is where poet Bálint Balassi fell against the Turks, and this is also where Cardinal József Mindszenty is buried. The oldest copy of the Golden Bull, the original 1233 Pact of Bereg are found in the primatical archives. Moreover, the renaissance Bakócz Chapel is a unique spectacle, just like the treasures of the Christian Museum.

Benedek Varga, director of the National Museum said that the Castle Museum’s next significant exhibition will be an international one, centred around the era of the Árpáds. The exhibition will be accompanied by a one and a half-two year long programme series, in which Esztergom and the Castle Museum will play an important role.

There are currently 17 national memorial sites in Hungary. These places are the most important locations of our history, they revive the life-changing, tragic and glorious moments of Hungarian history. These are:

  • Cemetery of Fiumei Road
  • Heroes’ Square
  • Kossuth Square
  • Hungarian National Museum
  • 298th, 300th, 301st parcel of the New Public Cemetery in Rákoskeresztúr
  • Castle District
  • Great Calvinist Church and College of Debrecen
  • Castle of Eger
  • Castle Hill and Watertown of Esztergom
  • National Memorial of Mohács
  • Széchenyi Castle of Nagycenk
  • National Historic Memorial Park of Hortobágy
  • Military Memorial Park of Pákozd
  • Benedictine Abbey of Pannonhalma
  • Kupavár Memorial Site of Somogyvár
  • Ruin Garden of Székesfehérvár
  • Castle of Szigetvár

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