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Röszke – The policemen serving along the southern borderline started a new “estate development”. Blikk.hu writes that, just like a few months ago, they tried to make their everyday service, which sometimes lasts for 15 hours, more bearable with their own money and some creativity.

Thinking back to the weather of the last couple of weeks, when out of the blue a monsoon-like rain swept across the country in the tropical sultriness, it’s no surprise that policemen are trying to adapt to the capricious conditions in the middle of nowhere, while assuring safety at the 180 kilometre long border bombarded by immigrants.

The media first reported on the shacks made from garbage bags and trunks that grew out of the ground like mushrooms in April. A few policemen got sick of the derogatory conditions. Blikk wrote about a certain policeman who even disarmed due to the unbearable conditions. He was a probationer at the time, so he had to pay back the 400 thousand forints spent on his training and supply. “I’d rather pay than to continue this. I didn’t become a policeman for this” said the young uniformed who was just in his 20s.

It took less than a month for the police to react to the problem. They pulled down the tents and set up 47 rain-shelters near Röszke on a 20 kilometre long period. These are 1.5×2 metre big, trapezoid panel roofed, four legged shelters with benches.

According to policemen serving at the border, even though these shelters were built, there are many places where the conditions are still unfortunate. Blikk turned to the police and asked if they were planning on further developments that would help the service at the border. The answer was a simple but firm “Yes!”.

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