According to their website, the Hungarian Trade & Cultural Center (HTCC) recently opened a new representative office in India, thus, expanding their presence all around the world.

As we wrote earlier, the HTCC keeps on succeeding and growing its presence in the world and now with the opening of their new representative office, they can be found in ten countries, including Ghana, Morocco, the United Arab Emirates, and China.

The latest office was opened recently in an independent country of Southern Asia, the 7th largest and the 2nd most populated country on the Earth, which is none other than the Republic of India. It is often regarded a subcontinent, and through its history has become a country of culturally diverse values.

India in our day and age has achieved amazing achievements: according to its GDP it has the world’s 12th biggest economy, but if calculating based on the purchasing power, it is the 4th. Furthermore, the reforms of the last decade had made India the world’s 2nd most quickly expanding economy.

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The new representative office of the HTCC is led by Rajiv Arora, local businessman, and importantly the office’s address is 25, Gujranwala Town, Part 2, Delhi 110009 India. Moreover, via e-mail they can be contacted at the following address: [email protected].

Also, as they have begun promising conferences with several of their partners in India, hopefully, further business successes are to come soon.


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