Air transportation has began working according to the summer schedule as turning our clocks forward happened on Sunday, March 27 (from 2:00 to 3:00). According to, Budapest Airport calls passengers’ attention to the fact that because of the time shift they have to get up relatively earlier, for the arrival to the airport shall still be two hours pre-flight.

This year’s summer schedule seems to be really varied, whole new flights and destinations became available for passengers from Budapest. In fact, turizmuzonline says that the schedules have never offered as many variations to fly as they offer now. After the rather low traffic of the winter months, the airlines broaden their supply of flights, moreover, new ones also join the market for this time of the year.

AirBerlin raises the number of its flights from two to three between the airports of the Hungarian and German capital cities. These flights will operate through the whole day, for the first one will start early in the morning, then one post meridian, and one late, in the evening. The new timetable is comfortable for passengers of business, but also provides new opportunities in catching a flight to the US or other European destinations.

Already on the 17th and 19th of March, RyanAir launched its two new flights to Malta and Malaga, which run twice a week, however, the airline is bringing even more holiday destinations to its new schedule, as in April flights from Budapest to Corfu and Las Palmas will become available to travel with once a week.

EasyJet also brings more to the table, as on April 26 Lyon joins the list of destinations (Geneva, Basel, Berlin, Paris and Gatwick, London) accessible from Budapest, with flights three times a week. Lyon is regarded as a capital of gastronomy, a destination for business and trading, and a target for tourists. Furthermore, it is also where the Hungarian national football team will play on June 22 at the European Championships.

Turizmusonline says that this year again it is WizzAir whose summer schedule brings up most of the novelties. On March 11 the airline started its new flight to the airports of Nice, Karlsruhe, and Baden-Baden. Following this, in the second half of March, Liverpool, Ibiza and Keflavik, and Iceland became their destinations. Moreover, since March 27, flights to Baku have been available again.

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