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If you’re hoping to travel somewhere artistic, modern, and fashionable, look no further than New York City. This bustling metropolis takes the spotlight for diversity and style when it comes to vacation destinations. With world-famous landmarks, fun museums, and excellent options for dining and accommodation, any traveler will feel lucky to visit New York City.

To make sure you have a meaningful way to remember your trip to New York City, it’s a good idea to find a professional photographer like the ones through Localgrapher. These locals can meet you in the city to do a professional photo shoot and give you suggestions about the best way to spend your time on vacation. Here are some of New York City’s top attractions to give you travel ideas and get you on the road.

Empire State Building

Of course, it’s impossible to visit New York City and not see the Empire State Building. This monstrous skyscraper dominates the New York City skyline, and is an iconic symbol of the city, important to include in your vacation photographs. During holidays and events, sometimes the top of the tower is lit up in different colors to represent the occasion. For the best view of the city, ride up to the observation decks and you can see out over all of New York spread out below.

Statue of Liberty

Another unmissable landmark of New York, the Statue of Liberty has become a symbol not only for the city but for the United States. After visiting the statue itself, you can stop at Ellis Island and the Immigration Museum which has information about the history of immigrants who passed through this point in search of a better life in America.


Central Park

A green lung in the middle of a busy, traffic-filled city, Central Park is a must-visit place for any traveler coming to New York. Children and families can enjoy the Central Park Zoo, with animals from all over the world, and if you’re traveling alone the park can be a great place to go walking or bike riding to enjoy the outdoors. In the winter, ice skating is a popular activity on the pond, and around Christmas time areas of the park are lit with colorful lights and is a great place to photographers in New York City to get some great shots.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

If you enjoy art, The Met is certain to be on top of your list. This enormous museum not only contains art, but also historical displays about Medieval cultures, ancient Egyptians, and other bygone eras. You could easily spend a day exploring the art displays and learning about the history exhibitions at the museum.

Times Square

Big, bright, and bustling, Times Square embodies the energy of New York City. Come here in the evening to see the streets lit up with neon signs or experience the rushing traffic during the day. If you’re traveling for New Years, you can participate in the big New Year’s Eve celebration that takes place every year in the square.

New York City is on the bucket list for many travelers, so why not make this trip a reality? Take time to plan ahead and look for good photography vacation packages to make sure the most important moments of your trip are all captured on camera.


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