Nicolas Cage
Photo: TIFF Transilvania International Film Festival


Nicolas Cage attended the Transylvania International Film Festival (TIFF) last weekend, where he not only received the TIFF Lifetime Achievement Award, but he also watched Face/Off together with the audience and held a masterclass for aspiring actors and filmmakers.

Filmtett writes that the Transylvania International Film Festival (TIFF) was organised for the 18th time in the town of Cluj-Napoca [Kolozsvár in Hungarian], Transylvania, and this year’s guest of honour was Nicolas Cage.

The Romanian Film Promotion presents TIFF, and it is the first and largest international feature film festival in Romania.

According to the festival’s website:

“IFF’s main goal is the promotion of cinematic art by presenting some of the most innovative and spectacular films of the moment that feature both originality and independence of expression, that reflect unusual cinematic language forms or focus on current trends in youth culture.”

The guest star of this year’s event was Nicolas Cage, who won an Academy Award for his performance in Leaving Las Vegas in 1995 and received a second Academy Award nomination for his role in Adaptation in 2002. Nicolas Cage arrived with style, wearing a sparkly champagne coloured suit and sunglasses.

Cage received TIFF’s Lifetime Achievement Award on Saturday.

The star especially liked the English name of the award; Transylvanian Trophy. He said during his acceptance speech that he will keep this award on his bedside table next to his bed, and whenever he feels lonely at 3 am, he will think of his friends in Transylvania, and of the children of the night, the wolves and the bats, and his heart will be warm.

He also mentioned how he always felt a good spirit in Romania that inspired his work.

After the award show, he did not hurry off, as most Hollywood stars would have done, but he sat in the audience and watched Face/Off with the visitors. The next, he attended a masterclass, which was more like an open conversation with Mihai Chirilov, Romanian film critic and the artistic director of the festival.

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