Gozsdu Udvar, Budapest, party, Hungary

Gozsdu-udvar in the heart of the Hungarian capital became the ultimate party district in the last couple of years where more than a thousand people have fun every weekend. But on the other hand, these parties can easily turn into a complete nightmare as rumours set out in the city about violent and aggressive bodyguards.

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Index reported that partying people often got into conflicts with bodyguards, but in many of the cases, the guests did not start them. Sometimes, they not only harass people verbally but physically as well and moreover, they mostly appear out of nowhere wearing a mask and without any reason, they start the conflict with guests.

It is still unknown which company hires these men to take care of guests at bars and clubs. The police receive several reports almost every weekend, but as Gozsdu is not a public space, the authorities’ hands are tied.

Four Hungarian men decided to have a party on January 21, and after visiting some bars in the city centre, they decided to head to Gozsdu. It quickly turned out that the bodyguards do not tolerate them as they were loud and asked the men inappropriately to leave the place. Despite apologising politely, the guards kept on swearing at them and started to kick them out of the bar. Suddenly, several masked men appeared who helped to get them out of the bar. While taking the Hungarian men out of the bar, the masked men started to push them on their heads and bodies, and when one of the guests turned to one of the bodyguards to express his dissatisfaction, he started to beat him hard.

In front of Jamie Oliver’s restaurant, the pepper spray came into the picture. One man fell on the ground and desperately tried to protect his head from the masked men’s kicking. After “the job was done”, the masked men left. The four men ran away in four different directions, met outside Gozsdu and called the ambulance.

Gozsdu Udvar, Hungary, Budapest
Photo: www.facebook.com/GozsduUdvar

The men reported the case to the police, but they seemed “not very interested in the case” – as one of the men described. They also reported the conflict at the police station of District 7, but the police officer who was listening to them tried to reject the case with every possible method.

The policeman also accused them of lying as there are no security cameras located at Gozsdu. After they reported the case, one officer assured them that the police would start the investigation as soon as possible and they would be informed about the procedure.

Normally, it is forbidden for every security guard at any place to physically harm people. Moreover, they are not allowed to touch people if conflicts happen. But it seems like in the heart of Budapest these rules do not apply.

Besides Gozsdu, many similar conflicts happen in the city centre of Budapest, but the police cannot say precisely how many of these cases were solved.

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Featured image: www.facebook.com/GozsduUdvar

Source: www.index.hu

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