(MTI) – Tibor Szanyi, a Socialist Party MEP, said there was nothing wrong with him hosting far-right bikers in Brussels and that the invitation had strictly a private nature, namely to settle a bet.

Szanyi said the 12-member group made up of an organisation called the Goy Motorists and their families were his guests and he financed the visit out of his MEP’s allowance, as he is entitled to do for 110 guests a year.

Szanyi said he had informed the party’s leader Jozsef Tobias of the situation and insisted he did not break any rules.

The Socialist Party’s deputy leader said on Monday that Szanyi must face a disciplinary procedure for his actions.

Zoltan Gogos told reporters in Budapest that if reports that Szanyi had spent 2,700 euros of the European Parliament’s money on hosting 12 bikers as a forfeit for losing a bet with them, then he must be punished.

Source: http://mtva.hu/hu/hungary-matters

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