According to, the registrar of the National Roma Self-Government (ORÖ) considers the decisions of Monday’s meeting illegal, so she “recaptured” her office Thursday morning and continued her work.

Dr. Edina Buri, registrar, opened the front door – which was closed and sealed on Monday – with several representatives of ORÖ and with Ignác Pongó, chairman of the organization’s financial committee on Thursday at 8:00 am. Buri told the journalists: according to the Budapest Government Office that supervises the organization István Hegedüs is still the president of the self-government and she is his registrar. Buri added: the decisions taken at Monday’s meeting, including the disciplinary investigation against the president and the dismissal of herself, are unlawful, since the meeting was not headed by the president.

She recalled: István Hegedüs could not attend the meeting, since he was taken into hospital. He had a heart attack Monday morning and is still being medicated.

János Balogh – who has been elected to executive president on Monday – and the representatives associated with Flórián Farkas were not present at the opening of the door in spite of prior agreements, wrote.

According to the site Janos Balogh sent an email to Edina Buri to prepare the documents of the handover for Elvira Csala, who has been elected to acting registrar. János Balogh also wants to occupy the room of István Hegedüs on Friday.

However, the registrar of ORÖ holds Monday’s decisions to be unlawful and she claims that the changes cannot be justified by any official documents. According to the law there is a special rule for the replacement of the president.

Edina Buri stated: Elvira Csala cannot enter the building, since she has neither a valid mandate nor an employment contract. She instructed the doorman that only people with a valid contract or people by her instruction are allowed to enter.

On Tuesday, guards threatened the journalist of, because he recorded the closed and sealed door. Now, they were not there. A police car ensured the entry of the representatives at the request of Ignác Pongó.

Dr. Edina Buri also said the events happened at Wednesday’s delegate assembly in Szécsény were unlawful. She thinks she had been illegally excluded from membership and replaced from the supervisory board of the cooperative called “Híd a munka világába” (Bridge to the world of work).


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