Budapest, January 20 (MTI) – There is no current direct threat of a terror attack in Hungary, the government and opposition members of parliament’s national security committee agreed after a meeting of the committee to assess national security aspects of the recent Paris attacks on Tuesday.

Hungary’s government has all the means to protect citizens and the fight against terrorism is not hampered by finances, the committee members said after briefings by representatives of the government, police and secret services. Hungary’s counter-terrorism centre (TEK) is working effectively together with the police, secret services and associate organisations in Europe and beyond, they added.

Chairman of the committee Zsolt Molnar of the Socialists said before the meeting that his party sees no connection between economic migration and terrorism. The majority of Muslims think in terms of peaceful coexistence, and a parallel should not be drawn between terrorism and Islam, he added. People must not be judged by their religion but by the potential risk they pose to national security in Hungary or in Europe, he said.

After the meeting, he said even though Hungary is not among the highlighted targets of terrorists, no country can expect to be 100 percent safe. The cross-party forum set up to assess counter-terrorism measures should also discuss border police issues and asylum, but the Socialists maintain that economic migration and free speech do not belong in this area.

Deputy chair of the committee Szilard Nemeth of the ruling Fidesz said Hungary was not under threat of terror, but there were risks posed by illegal migration. Of the 43,000 illegal immigrants, a considerable number leave their home in search of better financial conditions, mostly people from the Western Balkans, Syria, Afghanistan and Eritrea, he said. Hungary’s parliament has serious legislative tasks ahead to address this situation, he added.

Photo: MTI


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